Me, Inc. - Your Life IS YOUR Business!

Self-Leadership is the core leadership skill! Until you can lead yourself you can’t lead others effectively. Learn how step-by-step.

(Available in Paperback, Kindle, and Audible)

MiniMe, Inc. - What Kids Can't Learn in School!

Kaitlyn was stuck. The Science Fair was coming up soon and she had no idea what her project was going to be. She also had no idea who was going to be on her team…

(Available in Paperback, Kindle, and Hardcover)

Git 'er Done NOW! - how to get your book written and published in 100 days (or less!)

Do you need a credibility book to move your business to the next level?

You either don’t have the know how, don’t have the time, or both! Otherwise your book would already be done!

Learn the proven system that has produced bestsellers and expert authors.

(ebook only)

The Constitution of a Great Leader - Leadership in the 21st Century

There’s a fine line between Great Management and Great Leadership and it goes straight through the heart!

It is also based on truth and true leadership principles and what better place to find those than in a document that has been helping lead the United States successfully for over 230 years?

Learn how these principles work and how you can use them to become a Great Leader yourself!


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